Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth


Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii sets the stage for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Introducing the must-go areas!

1Aloha Beach

Aloha Beach

There's no better place than Aloha Beach to enjoy the pristine waters of Hawaii.
One of the island's most popular locations, visitors come from all over to surf or simply unwind on the beach. You can also swim with your party members here.



This area is home to the Anaconda Shopping Center, which is the largest shopping complex in Hawaii.
The place is said to offer everything you could possibly want and more.
It also offers a range of entertainment options, including arcade games and a selection of dining venues.



Waikīkī is the perfect place to go if you're in the mood for some shopping.
Make sure to stop by the Worldwide Market Village, which is teeming with souvenir shops and major brand retailers.



During the day, Chinatown comes alive with street vendors, produce markets, and the vibrant chatter of locals and tourists.
When night falls, the illustrious Nirvana Hotel towers over Chinatown, casting its gaze down on the district.

5Little Japan

Little Japan

An area populated by the local Japanese community in Hawaii.
Little Japan boasts a sushi restaurant that is adored by both locals and visitors, along with a shrine.
There are rumors that a mysterious mascot character can be found at the shrine as well.

6District Five

District Five

Beyond the surface of its tourist-friendly facade, Honolulu conceals hidden secrets, one of which is District Five—a part of the city which has been taken over by local mafia.
This dangerous area remains off-limits to the public.

Hawaii features a ton of other areas for you to explore!

  • Cultural District

    Cultural District

  • Downtown


  • Shipper's Wharf

    Shipper's Wharf

  • Cultural District
  • Downtown
  • Shipper's Wharf

Tap into the island's bountiful resources—walk, swim, and grow stronger!

Tap into the island's bountiful resources—walk, swim, and grow stronger!Tap into the island's bountiful resources—walk, swim, and grow stronger!

There are potent recovery items, weapon materials, and rare equipment scattered throughout the city.

Tap into the island's bountiful resources—walk, swim, and grow stronger!Tap into the island's bountiful resources—walk, swim, and grow stronger!

The island is filled with hidden treasures, so leave no stone unturned!
Search through palm trees, take a dip in the water, or even try rummaging through trash cans or peeking inside toilets to see what you might uncover!

Real-life Hawaiian locations in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  • ABC Stores
    ABC Stores
    Locally-owned, ABC Stores is one of the largest convenience store chains in Hawaii!
    Offering your favorite souvenir treasures including deli food, groceries, fine wines and spirits, local apparel & more!
  • 88 Tees
    88 Tees
    An apparel store founded in 1988 with the philosophy of "Every Fit For Every Style".
    Stocks original T-shirts and other clothing that can be used as gear.
  • 53 By The Sea
    53 By The Sea
    An ocean view restaurant offering exceptional cuisine and a luxurious atmosphere using Hawaii's seasonal produce, seafood, and the finest meats.
    Perhaps the elegant ambience might be just the thing to spruce up your conversations!
  • Matsumoto Shave Ice
    Matsumoto Shave Ice
    Opened in 1951, this store is very popular as a typical Hawaiian dessert shop.
    You can choose from more than 40 different syrup flavors.
    In addition to their shaved ice, the shop also sells original goods such as souvenirs.
  • Dean & Deluca
    Dean & Deluca
    Located in the heart of Waikīkī, Dean & Deluca at the Royal Hawaiian Center is an open space that incorporates traditional Hawaiian plantation styles, such as louvered exteriors and hand-painted fixtures.
    Available only in Hawaii, our gifts range from Dean & Deluca Hawaii Coffee to local delicacies to-go.
  • ABC Stores
  • 88 Tees
  • 53 By The Sea
  • Matsumoto
    Shave Ice
  • Dean &


Prepare for infinite adventure and a wealth of fun and excitement in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth!

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth boasts the largest lineup of content to date!
Enjoy the countless minigames spanning from Hawaii to Japan!

1Crazy Delivery

Pick up food and deliver it in style! Let's get crazy!In Crazy Delivery, it's important to showcase that "Crazy is captivating."

Crazy Delivery Crazy Delivery Crazy Delivery Crazy Delivery

Earn money by making delivery runs. Perform sick stunts on your route to earn better tips and boost your income!
Try drifting along streets and pulling off tricks and wheelies as you race across Hawaii to transport food to your hungry customers.

2Dondoko Island

Turn the island from rock bottom to high-end resort!In the wake of unforeseen developments, Kasuga finds himself responsible for breathing new life into Dondoko Island, a place that has unfortunately become the local landfill.
Kasuga teams up with mascot characters Gachapin and Mukku to transform the island from scrap heap to five-star resort.

Dondoko Island Dondoko Island Dondoko Island Dondoko Island

Bash garbage scattered around with a bat to find resources, which can be used in DIY. Construct furniture and buildings, such as cabaret clubs and convenience stores, to improve the infrastructure of the island.

Dondoko Island Dondoko Island Dondoko Island Dondoko Island

As the island develops, more and more guests will come to visit and stay.
Producing more souvenirs and offering local specialties will boost the island's popularity.
Defend the island from the meddlesome Washbucklers as you set out to build your own personal paradise into a tourist hotspot!

3Miss Match

Try connecting with stunning women from across the globe using the hottest new matchmaking app!Start by editing Kasuga's profile message and icon to create a profile that's sure to be a hit with the ladies.

Miss Match Miss Match Miss Match

When chatting with a girl, choose responses and emoji that will make them happy and liven up the conversation.
Once successfully wooed, it's time for Kasuga's long-awaited face-to-face meeting with the girl!

Will she turn out to be all you ever imagined and more?

Going on dates with girls will improve Kasuga's personality stats.
Use the app to date different girls and build up your manhood!


A plethora of new songs, including Kazuma Kiryu's old favorite "Baka Darou (Playing the Fool)!"Chat with your friends, indulge in a drink, or sing the latest songs at the local karaoke bar!

Ichiban Kasuga
Ichiban Kasuga
Summertime Groove
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu
Baka Darou (Playing the Fool)
Chitose Fujinomiya
Chitose Fujinomiya
Honolulu City Lights
Saeko Mukoda
Saeko Mukoda
Joongi Han
Joongi Han
If I Could Love the One I Love

5Arcade Games

Play some hit classics!Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will debut some old favorites! Brawl it out in SpikeOut, enjoy some lakeside fishing in SEGA Bass Fishing, or create your dream team of fighters and compete in team battles in Virtua Fighter 3tb!

SEGA Bass FishingSEGA Bass Fishing
SEGA Bass Fishing
Virtua Fighter 3tbVirtua Fighter 3tb
Virtua Fighter 3tb


Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama now offers an exciting new poker minigame called m HOLD'EM!Step inside the meticulously recreated interior and indulge in food and drinks while you play.
Whether you decide to come alone or bring a friend, nothing beats a game of poker with a cocktail in hand!


7Darts Live 3

The new darts machine adds new rules and a fresh new dimension to the game!Darts Live 3 features beloved classics like 01 as well as the newly added Center Count-Up.
Foster stronger bonds with your friends through a game of darts!

Darts Live 3 Darts Live 3

There are also a plethora of other minigames available for a more mature palate!

There are also a plethora of other minigames available for a more mature palate! There are also a plethora of other minigames available for a more mature palate! There are also a plethora of other minigames available for a more mature palate!


Here's a small glimpse into some of the substories you can experience with the people of Hawaii!

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind?
Close Encounters of the Bird Kind?
Kasuga encounters a girl who swears up and down that her beloved pet chicken has been taken away by a UFO.
Everyone she's told, including the police, has brushed it off as her eyes playing tricks on her, but Kasuga sees her desperation and agrees to assist her in a UFO search.
As he explores a certain park rumored to be a hotspot for UFO sightings, he witnesses a cow floating up towards a mysterious light...
Home to Roost
Home to Roost
Kasuga takes a nap on a Hawaiian beach.
But when he wakes, his head feels heavy.
He hurries over to a shop window to examine himself, only to find that a baby bird has taken up residence atop his head.
With the baby bird refusing to budge, Kasuga must embark on a frantic journey across Hawaii to reunite it with its mama.


Boost your personality stats and enjoy Hawaii to your heart's content!Personality is a status consisting of 6 character traits: Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, and Style. These can be boosted through substories, minigames, and more.

Personality Personality Personality

Enhance Kasuga's personality traits to improve his stats and abilities, gain new jobs, interact with more people, and unlock new events.
Enjoy the streets of Hawaii as you build up your personality!

Bond Level

Deepen your bonds with friends and tackle battles together!A friend's bond level represents how close they are with Kasuga or Kiryu. Unlock more jobs and abilities by reaching certain bond levels!

Bond Level Bond Level

What's more, your friend will use chain and combo attacks in battle, giving you an extra edge against foes.
Nurture your bonds by spending time together chatting at restaurants in Table Talk, sharing laughter as you walk the streets in Party Chat, or playing minigames like darts and karaoke.

Bond Level Bond Level

There are also lots of other ways to deepen your bonds, like giving friends gifts when you see them in town, so try everything you can to grow closer!

Bond Content

Bond Content
During Walk & Talk events, you can chat with one of your friends and learn anything from their favorite foods to their unexpected hobbies.
Bond Content
Your Bond Bingo will keep a record of everything you learn from Walk & Talks. Complete any vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row to strengthen your bond considerably.
Bond Content

The deeper your bond, the more you'll see a new side to your friends and hear all about their woes in a special story called a Drink Link.


Dangerous abandoned buildings that change each time you enter them.
Fight your way past droves of adversaries to claim the treasures lying within!
Hawaii and Yokohama both have abandoned buildings that serve as hideouts for all manner of ruffians.
Referred to as "dungeons" due to their air of danger and secrecy, the locals regard them with caution and unease.

Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons

Kasuga and friends find themselves venturing in to rescue missing persons and keep the peace.
These labyrinthine dungeons will have different layouts and enemies each time you enter. Conquer them to polish your skills and attain rare treasures or enhancement items.


Your Poundmates can be called on to help you in battle for a bit of cash—and they're now better than ever!These quirky characters have powerful attacks and healing skills.
Some will assist you by delivering a single devastating attack, while others can now join the battle for a few turns.

Nancy & Olivia Kazami Charlie

Call up lots of different characters to gain the upper hand in battle!
You'll be able to call more characters as you progress through substories and other objectives.

Crafting and Strengthening Weapons

Craft and strengthen your weapons to tip the scales in your favor during battle!In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you can now use weapons and materials to either strengthen your weapons or create over 140 new ones.
The weapons you create will be much stronger than the ones you can find at a shop, so try crafting your own!

Crafting and Strengthening Weapons Crafting and Strengthening Weapons

Weapons can be strengthened as well. When strengthened, the weapon's performance will shoot up greatly.
You can also apply unique effects using the Brand feature.
Personalize your weapons as you strive to become the strongest!

Sujimon Battles

Collect Sujimon and train them to battle!
Aim to be the top Sujimon Master!

All around the city, dangerous individuals known as Sujimon run rampant.
In Sujimon Battles, you'll lead these Sujimon into 3-on-3 competitions as their trainer!


Befriend and train up the various Sujimon of Hawaii to create your ultimate team.
Duke it out with the fiercest trainers and strive to dethrone the reigning champions of the Sujimon battle world: the Discreet Four and the Sujimon Master!


As you progress through the Sujimon battle storyline, a new job, Sujimancer, will be unlocked. 
Once you become a Sujimancer, you'll be able to equip your Sujimon and summon them into actual combat.
The stronger your Sujimon are, the more powerful your Sujimancer skills will be.

1Snag some Sujimon!

After you've finished a battle on the streets of Hawaii, you'll sometimes have the opportunity to recruit a Sujimon.

Snag some Sujimon! Snag some Sujimon!

You'll successfully recruit them if you sincerely offer a Suji Gift and they accept it.
Take advantage of every opportunity to recruit allies!

There are also raids, where those confident in their strength gather to fight. Defeating a Sujimon in a raid means you're guaranteed a chance to recruit them!
Raids will vanish after a while, so try your best not to miss out on them.

Snag some Sujimon! Snag some Sujimon!

One more method is to try your luck at the Sujimon Gacha spots existing around Hawaii, where you can use cash or gacha tickets to get Sujimon.

2Pit them against rival Sujimon!

Sujimon battles are 3-vs-3 head-on competitions!As a trainer, Kasuga gives commands to his Sujimon to try and defeat the opposing team.

Pit them against rival Sujimon!

Sujimon have five different types, each with different affinities. Find a team strategy that suits you, whether that be balancing your team, trying out a highly specialized one, or anything in between.
Boost ally morale with strategic commands and unleash their special attacks to bring victory within reach!

Pit them against rival Sujimon! Pit them against rival Sujimon!

3Here are two of the many available Sujimon!

Soothes his allies with the timbre of his beloved ukulele, and occasionally wields it as a blunt instrument.
A healer Sujimon who spends his winnings on ukulele repairs.
Dosukoi Gigantes
Dosukoi Gigantes
A super-heavyweight fighter whose physique not unlike an iron wall gives off an air of dignity to any who behold him.
Despite his appearance, his movements are sharp, with a powerful spinning kick serving as his special attack.

4Train those Sujimon!

The Sujimon that join your team can be trained through strengthening, awakening, and evolution.To strengthen your Sujimon, give them some Sujimunch, a nutritional drink uniquely designed for Sujimon.

Train those Sujimon! Train those Sujimon!

Awakening occurs when you feed a Sujimon another of their same species, which unlocks their potential and enhances their parameters.
Furthermore, when you repeatedly awaken the same Sujimon and push them to the limit of their potential, they just might evolve.
Train your favorite Sujimon to build up the ultimate team!

The Bucket List

What does fate have in store for the legend as he faces down his last days?

Kiryu reveals to his companions that his days are numbered.
His friends suggest that he create a bucket list to find closure and make the most of what time he has left.

The Bucket List

The Bucket List contains a list of Kiryu's lifelong wishes and loose ends he must tie up before his life comes to an end.
It is composed of three parts: Life Links, Memoirs of a Dragon, and Unfinished Business.
Kiryu's exclusive Soul, Tech, and Body parameters will increase as he checks off more items on his bucket list.

The Bucket List

Raising Kiryu's Awakening level will strengthen each aspect of his iconic Dragon of Doijima fighting style.
Tying up Kiryu's loose ends will bring him closer to his peak physical condition.

1Life Links

A series of episodes that provide a glimpse into the current lives of Kiryu's old friends, providing a chance for reflection.
Kiryu's fateful reunion with Date serves as a catalyst for Life Links.
New Life Links will be unlocked once Kiryu's Awakening reaches a certain level.

Life Links Life Links

Some characters can assist in combat as Poundmates after reaching a certain point in their story.
What will Kiryu glean from the lives of his old acquaintances?

Yuki & Koyuki
Yuki & Koyuki
Shun Akiyama
Shun Akiyama

2Memoirs of a Dragon

An exploration mode where Kiryu can reconnect with his past by revisiting familiar locations in Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.
Memoirs of a Dragon gives Kiryu an opportunity to relive his memories as well as spur on his reawakening.
Try seeking out places that may hold some significance to Kiryu.

Memoirs of a Dragon Memoirs of a Dragon

3Unfinished Business

A collection of loose ends that Kiryu must tend to.
These can range from eating at a restaurant, singing karaoke, or laying the beatdown on some enemies. Completing them will increase Kiryu's Awakening.
Unfinished Business plays a pivotal role in Kiryu's growth and making progress in Life Links, so be sure to devote some time to it.

Unfinished Business Unfinished Business


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