Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth


New Live Command RPG Battle System

The new Live Command RPG Battle system in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth makes combat more strategic and dynamic than ever before.
Look forward to thrilling new battles with unparalleled freedom.

1Characters can now move!

Characters can now move!Characters can now move!

You can now move your characters within a certain range during battles.
Close the distance between enemies to deal significant damage or move your characters next to allies to execute combo attacks!

Moving your characters within the vicinity of signboards and bicycles will enable them to use them as weapons and deal enormous damage to enemies. A ton of new items have also been added, including ones that explode upon impact or hold other weapons inside, giving you a lot more options in battle.
Utilize movement to target an enemy's weakness and weaponize your environment to give yourself a strategic edge!

2Area-of-effect attacks

Area-of-effect attacksArea-of-effect attacks

Obliterate enemies in a straight line or damage enemies in your vicinity using some of the new area-of-effect attacks!
Target clusters of enemies to maximize damage!
Keep a watchful eye on your enemy's positions, and aim for a decisive blow to take them all down at once.

3Improved knockback attacks

Improved knockback attacksImproved knockback attacks

Knockback attacks have undergone significant changes. You can now knock enemies into walls and other objects to deal additional damage.
If you slam enemies into burning objects or explosive gas canisters, you can deliver even greater damage or inflict status ailments upon them.
Furthermore, you can also use the knockback attacks to make enemies collide with each other. Carefully assess the positions of your enemies and their surroundings to effectively utilize knockback attacks!

4Combo attacks with allies made easy

Combo attacks with allies made easyCombo attacks with allies made easy

During battle, when you move within range of an ally with whom you have a strong connection, you will be able to execute powerful combo attacks.
Cooperation between your allies is key to defeating formidable enemies, so actively work on deepening your bonds with them.

5Expanded Perfect Attacks

Expanded Perfect AttacksExpanded Perfect Attacks

Perfect Attacks have been greatly enhanced in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. When executing a special attack, press the correct button when prompted to deal a Perfect Attack. You can now use them to dish out extra blows or change the direction of your attack to damage multiple enemies.
Use Perfect Attacks to quickly demolish your enemies.



When you encounter enemies far weaker than yourself, the Smackdown option will appear.
Choosing it will let you promptly end the battle at the cost of less experience.
Use Smackdown to quickly earn money or acquire items.

Job Change System

A ton of new jobs have been added, allowing you more freedom to customize each character's fighting style!
Try and create your ideal party by experimenting with different job combinations.

Kazuma Kiryu's unique job: Dragon of Dojima

The Dragon of Dojima is exclusive to the man, the myth, the legend himself.
Featuring Kiryu's distinctive fierce, fast, and heavy fighting styles, as well as a special Action Mode that only he can unleash!

1Three battle styles that can be switched at any time.

  • The Brawler style which allows Kiryu to pummel enemies and unleash Heat Actions.

    The Brawler style which allows Kiryu to pummel enemies and unleash Heat Actions.

  • The Rush style which enables Kiryu to perform multiple rapid attacks and dart across a wide area.

    The Rush style which enables Kiryu to perform multiple rapid attacks and dart across a wide area.

  • The Sledgehammer style which allows Kiryu to grab and fling enemies and objects around.

    The Sledgehammer style which allows Kiryu to grab and fling enemies and objects around.

  • Brawler
  • Rush
  • Sledgehammer

2Dragon's Resurgence

Dragon's Resurgence

A state where Kiryu can freely move, punch, and kick using action buttons for a certain period of time.
Use Kiryu's unique fighting style to dominate foes and deliver flashy finishing blows!

Character-Exclusive Jobs

  • Ichiban Kasuga's exclusive jobHero

    A versatile battle style that wields a bat to unleash a variety of offensive techniques.
    Additionally, the Hero can heal allies as well as boost their abilities by providing words of encouragement. A befitting job for a hero whose duty is to inspire those in their presence.

    Skill: Bat Breaker
    Skill: Bat Breaker
    Ichiban Kasuga
  • Eric Tomizawa's exclusive jobCabbie

    Armed with a wrench, the Cabbie uses his mechanical experience to manipulate electricity and water.
    It can leverage special techniques to exploit enemy weaknesses and inflict debuffs on them.
    A job that can turn the tides of battle by exploiting status ailments.

    Skill: Tire Tumbler
    Skill: Tire Tumbler
    Eric Tomizawa
  • Chitose Fujinomiya's exclusive jobHeiress

    A battle style that utilizes various disciplines, centered around dance, to manipulate enemies.
    The Heiress can uses its speed to outmaneuver others and alter the flow of combat.
    A job that possesses skills that reduce the enemy's Attack and Agility, making it effective against formidable opponents.

    Skill: Grand Jeté
    Skill: Grand Jeté
    Chitose Fujinomiya
  • Yu Nanba's exclusive jobHomeless Guy

    A battle style that utilizes umbrellas and canes to unleash an assortment of techniques, resembling that of a magician.
    The Homeless Guy can manipulate fire and use pigeons to knock down enemies over a wide area.
    The job harnesses the unique skill set of the homeless.

    Skill: Sizzling Spitter
    Skill: Sizzling Spitter
    Yu Nanba
  • Koichi Adachi's exclusive jobDetective

    A powerful battle style that utilizes batons and possesses techniques to break through the opponent's guard.
    Excelling in both offense and defense, the Detective is a well-rounded job that allows the user to serve as the party's shield.

    Skill: Monkey Flip
    Skill: Monkey Flip
    Koichi Adachi
  • Saeko Mukoda's exclusive jobBarmaid

    A battle style that utilizes a handbag to inflict status ailments on enemies.
    Can weaken enemies by inflicting Cold, Blind, and other ailments.
    A highly versatile job capable of adapting to tough opponents and prolonged battles.

    Skill: Champagne Splashdown
    Skill: Champagne Splashdown
    Saeko Mukoda
  • Seonhee's exclusive jobAssassin

    A battle style that utilizes needles, crossbows, and other lethal weaponry for a quick kill.
    The Assassin utilizes whips and projectiles to render enemies immobile and deprive them of opportunities to attack.

    Skill: Stentorian Whip
    Skill: Stentorian Whip
  • Joongi Han's exclusive jobHitman

    A battle style that utilizes lightning-fast one-strike assassination techniques.
    The Hitman's high agility allows the user to take the initiative in battles.
    A job capable of immobilizing enemies and delivering critical strikes from behind. The Hitman can equip blunt weapons, blades, and firearms.

    Skill: Professional Slash
    Skill: Professional Slash
    Joongi Han
  • Tianyou Zhao's exclusive jobMafia

    A relentless battle style that wields sabers to slash down enemies.
    The Mafia is a well-balanced job that allows the user to boost its own attack while weaking its opponent.

    Skill: Homecooked Dim Sum
    Skill: Homecooked Dim Sum
    Tianyou Zhao
  • Ichiban Kasuga
  • Eric Tomizawa
  • Chitose Fujinomiya
  • Yu Nanba
  • Koichi Adachi
  • Saeko Mukoda
  • Seonhee
  • Joongi Han
  • Tianyou Zhao

New Jobs

Here is a snippet of some the new jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth!

  • Ichiban Kasuga-exclusive jobSujimancer

    A unique battle style that harnesses the power of trained Sujimon to fight.
    The Sujimancer job allows Kasuga to summon various Sujimon, giving him a range of different options in combat. The job is unique in that it grows stronger for every Sujimon you train and nurture.

    Skill: Spicy Breath
    Skill: Spicy Breath
  • Male-exclusive jobSamurai

    A battle style that excels in handling swords and bows, specializing in consecutive attacks and area-of-effect attacks.
    The Samurai's sword techniques can cause enemies to bleed, which will increase the amount of damage dealt.
    It can also use bows to attack multiple enemies, giving it a range of options to deal with different foes.

    Skill: Burning Arrow
    Skill: Burning Arrow
  • Male-exclusive jobAquanaut

    A battle style that utilizes marine creatures and marine-themed items to confuse opponents.
    The Aquanaut boasts an array of unique techniques inspired by the sea, allowing the user to blind enemies with squid ink or paralyze them with electric jellyfish.
    A well-rounded job capable of both offense and healing, making it extremely user-friendly.

    Skill: Cresting Carver
    Skill: Cresting Carver
  • Male-exclusive jobDesperado

    A battle style that uses dual pistols, dynamite, and rope, and excels in taking out multiple enemies.
    The Desperado can learn various status ailment techniques and possesses the wherewithal to take down any target.

    Skill - Wild Lasso
    Skill - Wild Lasso
  • Female-exclusive jobKunoichi

    A battle style that bewilders enemies with astonishing speed and ninjutsu techniques.
    The Kunoichi can use Substitution Jutsu to swap turns with allies and use clones to deal tremendous damage.
    A job that can use its quick agility to trick enemies and employ ninjutsu to completely alter the course of battle.

    Skill: Shadow Clone Jutsu
    Skill: Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Female-exclusive jobHousekeeper

    A battle style that utilizes cleaning techniques to elegantly sweep away enemies.
    The Housekeeper specializes in multi-target combat, using mops, vacuum cleaners, and other tools of the trade to attack enemies over a wide area.

    Skill: Bubble Breach
    Skill: Bubble Breach
  • Female-exclusive jobGeodancer

    A battle style that uses mysterious dances to attacks enemies and provide support to allies.
    The Geodancer possesses extremely high Magic and is capable of unleashing powerful elemental techniques.
    A well-balanced job that excels in both bolstering and healing allies.

    Skill: Kolohe Kick
    Skill: Kolohe Kick
  • Sujimancer
  • Samurai
  • Aquanaut
  • Desperado
  • Kunoichi
  • Housekeeper
  • Geodancer


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